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A place to build Future

Don Bosco School, Purnea (DBSP), English Medium, is a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recognized, unaided, minority Christian (Catholic) Co-educational (Boys and Girls) School managed by the Don Bosco School, Purnea Society. It reserves to itself the right to run the school according to its norms and close the school if it is in any way prevented from doing so. 

Don Bosco School at Purnea was originally started in 1984 and later established under the above said Society in the year 2001. It was affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the year 2017. (Aff. No. 330711, School No. 65708). Don Bosco School, Purnea Society has obtained in the year 2022, the RTE Affiliation (211113420211122174329) and the new UDISE code (10090402409) for the second Don Bosco School at Purnea. As such it is a private missionary institute within the Catholic Church. It is a religious organization with its head quarter based in Rome, Italy and under the direct governance of regional head quarter at Kolkata, India. It is a non political organization and hence no political affiliation or politically affiliated unions is entertained in its administration and conduct of school affairs. Provision for admission is made for all children irrespective of religious background. 

The futuristic concept of design, the state of the art facilities, access to all meritorious students and the dedicated faculty synergize to make Don Bosco High School Purnea, a symbol of commitment and quality. The school employs modern and scientific methods of teaching for a more effective learning.

The all round development of each student is its prime concern. Therefore it not only takes care of their curricular and co curricular requirements but their cultural, physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and psychological needs culminating in a healthy and wholesome education.


Don Bosco School, Purnea

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