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John Bosco was born in the little hamlet of Becchi some 20 kms. from Turin, Itlay. His father, Francis Bosco, was a hard working peasant who died when John was only 2 years old. The grief stricken words of his mother, telling him that he was now fatherless remained deeply impressed in the child’s mind, and perhaps helped to ..

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At the very outset let me welcome you to the school official Website.

Speaking of education in general a clear distinction is made between “schooling” and education proper (wisdom), and it is also true that not all education is wisdom. Real education is not limited to schooling alone.


What goes on within the four walls of a school is often a very limited knowledge and it is often inert and it pertains mostly to training of the mind.

Knowledge can be accumulated by cultivating one’s intellectual faculties but wisdom comes by cultivation of the heart. Knowledge that remains at the head level is mere knowledge; when it descends to the heart level it becomes wisdom.

Those who are familiar with Don Bosco’s educative systems would not hesitate to affirm that Don Bosco himself understood education in that vein. His idea on education is well summed up in two of his famous sayings: “the goals of education are to form good human beings and honest citizens” and “education is a matter of the heart.”

As the world has recently celebrated 150 year of the foundation of Salesian Society founded by Don Bosco, one of the greatest educators of his time, Don Bosco School, Purnea follows the educative system of Don Bosco and makes an effort to bring the knowledge to heart level. This will help children to listen to others with a loving heart and be able to speak not so much what they think but what they feel, transforming the world into a global family where children feel and care for each other.

Fr. Suman Kujur Keshri SDB