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Examination/ Promotion:

School follows CBSE examination pattern 

Normally Two Term Examinations are conducted in the school year. A student acquiring 80% attendance will only be allowed to appear for that particular Terminal Examination.  No discussion would be entertained with the authority without producing the proper medical reports in case of sickness or certificates to prove the reasons for absenting. Unit Tests/Periodic Tests are conducted before the 1st, and 2nd Term and  Projects, Subject Enrichment and Note Book evaluation are done for all the subjects.

Normally no test/examination is conducted for one who absents himself/herself from Term Examinations, even for a valid reason.

Promotion to the next class at the end of the Academic year will be based on the performance of the student in all the term exams conducted during the year. Hence, it does not depend on Final/Annual Exams. For those who fail, the school authority will decide whether they should be given chance to repeat in the same class or leave the school.

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